The biggest adversary you will ever encounter in life is within yourself.

I learned that the hard way, while in therapy as part of my own Transformational Healing Journey.

Even though my traumas were inflicted by others, my own mind was eventually the one that drove me to a point where I no longer wanted to live.

I was so tired of fighting, beating myself up, feeling unworthy, unwanted, unloved, trying to fit in…in constant fear and survival mode…

All the anger, frustration, disgust, disappointment that was meant for the ones that caused the traumas in the first place, I directed those thoughts&feelings towards myself, allowing them to slowly kill me.

Through a lot of self study and study about the mind, neuroscience and more, I gained so much insight on how the mind actually works and that I was the one that kept hurting myself, over and over again.

Not on purpose, just because I did not know any better and I did not know how to make the mind work for me, instead of being worked by my mind.

There is still so much to learn, I just scratched the surface of all that there is, and I am excited to continue on learning, experiencing, healing and growing.

Who or what is in charge in your life?

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