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As your Thrive Coach, co-creating a safe space that works for you and supports your transformation
is what I am here for. It is at the centre of us working together.

That being said, nothing works unless you do. Your success and transformation is a combination of finding what works for you, connecting with the right coach and most importantly your attitude towards being coached and doing the work. If you are looking for quick fixes, fixed and guaranteed promises, I am not the coach for you. I believe in doing the work, finding your own voice, getting uncomfortable and where necessary digging deep. And at the base believing that there is always a way. Giving up is not an option.

You have already come so far!

When you decide you are ready, after our initial acquaintance we will work on defining what it is you want to work on. This however may change during our time together as it sometimes happens that subjects arise that need more attention. As the seasons change and nature evolves, so will you.

We will work together for a minimum of 12 weeks with the combination of 1:1 coaching calls, practices and supportive content.

As a certified Transformational Embodiment Coach I am trained and certified in multiple modalities to provide a more all round approach to your journey. Real transformation is not just a mental facet, through different practices e.g breath work, EFT, you will be able to create lasting embodied changes. Taking into account the 5 layers of your being: spirit, mind, emotion, body and energy.

At the end of our time together

you will:

  • Have more clarity 
  • Enjoy more fulfillment and ease
  • Have more energy
  • Experience more joy
  • Gain more trust in yourself
  • Be yourself more unapologetically
  • Take back your power
  • Feel and be in charge of your life
  • Feel confident and resilient, even when faced with challenges
  • Know how to fill your own cup first without feeling selfish
  • Feel confident and secure in your own body


The coaching provided is virtual 1:1 or in person (Amsterdam NL). It is over the course of a minimum of 12 weeks. Within this time period you will have direct access to me through Virtual Video Calls,  Voxer voice and text messaging and unlimited email.

The written coaching materials are all in English, however as I am also fluent in Dutch, the actual sessions can be in Dutch too if you so desire.

Book you free discovery call today and learn more about what working together could look like!

Why choose me as your coach?

I understand you.
I have been where you are now. Stuck in survival mode. Getting by and silently falling in a downward spiral that is slowly draining you from every expectation that things could ever be different. You are maintaining habits and beliefs that do not serve you. And you know it. Still you cannot seem to stop. You once were a victim of the things that happened to you. Overcoming those circumstances required you to kick into survival mode, however this too is not sustainable.

Yet why does it not feel right?

You have put in a lot of hard work, with or without professional help. And still you wonder, is this it? Is this really it?
From the outside things may seem right or even great to some. However, you know that something just doesn’t feel right. Something is amiss, you just can’t grasp that what and you feel you cannot work yourself out of it. You think you probably could be worse off, but do you really want to wait around and experience that?

What you are feeling is real.

Your exhaustion is real.
Your sense of overwhelm is real.
That empty feeling is real.
Your feeling of disconnect with yourself is real.

The power of Transformational Embodiment

It took me years to learn that when you want real transformation, just working on the mental aspect of yourself is not enough. This was years of a lot of pain, tears, feeling depressed, deflated and defeated.

To experience true transformation, one must focus on all the areas that make up who you are. Your spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic and physical self. Only then one can experience true and lasting change. Transformation embodied.

The moment I learned this and started to implement the tools and practices, things that I would have never thought possible started to shift. I finally felt understood and really seen and heard. Finally I was literally starting to move in alignment, with my whole self. I learned that life isn’t supposed to be a constant fight, a struggle. I learned how to listen to the voice within and trust it. I grew more confident in speaking my truth and asking for what I needed.

My life long mantras were finally coming true “The best is yet to come” and ” Something greater awaits you”.

It has been many years now since I first experienced what it felt like to no longer be a in survival mode. I am a Thriver embodied! For the first time ever, you find me whistling on a groceries run, having more patience and love for not only myself but for everyone I cross paths with. I have learned to dream again and to believe that anything is possible for me. I no longer am just surviving. I am Thriving!

And so can you!

I truly believe that you are Blessed just the way you are and that something greater awaits you.

You just get to decide when.

And when you are ready, I am here to help you. Book a complimentary discovery call with me and I would love to chat with you about how I can help you.

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