It may be nearly 20 years ago when a then colleague said: “Kaley, you really need to stop taking things, life and yourself so seriously”.

At that time I was quite hurt when he said that, I felt as if I was doing something wrong…I took his comment so serious and personal!

Throughout the years the comment stayed with me and still to this day, I remember it.

It honestly took me a while to make his comment make sense to me, because if you know me I have a very goofy and playful side, and a very serious and passionate one too. So I had a hard time understanding what I could do differently and how.

It has only been these last few years that made that comment really land for me.

? What it boils down to for me now is: Fully Being and Doing me Unapologetically for Me! And move away from anything or anybody that may interfere with that!

So if I want to say hi to the horses, Imma do that, even if climbing over the fence is a day task in itself?.


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