I know what you are thinking.
“Why me? Why should I change the life I have now. Go after something new for myself and my life where I have no guarantee that it will be better? Life is good, don’t really have much to complain. Yes there are things that if I could have it my way I would change. Yet, things could always be worse. So I should just be grateful for what I’ve got and stop feeding those crazy dreams….”

I’ve been there and even now sometimes those thoughts come creeping back up again.

And then I remind myself: “Why not? Why settle? If better exists, then why not want that for myself and my life?”
The thought patterns that come up, trying to talk me out of going after something new are no more than my ego mind, trying to keep me where it is familiar, where it is ‘safe’…not necessarily better.

Knowing this now and having tools so I can remove or work with whatever it is that is trying to hold me back, I stopped dismissing my true desires for myself and my life. And instead work towards them.

What about you? What thoughts are keeping you from going after something you truly desire?

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