“Tell me, what is your deepest, truest desire?”

If you would’ve seen the show you would know Lucifer had a way of getting people to share their truth.

I was always intrigued, because more often than not people would share things that they didn’t dare of actually doing. And I am not talking about the “bad” stuff, because those were there too.

No, I am talking about those things that you truly desire for yourself and your life, but are too afraid of really pursuing.

? Professing your love to someone

? Changing careers

? Saying no to that 1 person

? Unapologetically choosing You

…Letting go of that which no longer serves you

And trust me, I know how hard it is. Because we usually think of the worst case scenario if things go left.

What if we would switch things up and think of the worst case scenario of what would happen if you did not do whatever it is you truly desire?

Taking the first example: That person you love so deeply might love you just the same and you not taking that step means you will never enjoy&grow that love together, leaving you forever with the question…what if?

? Think about that.

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