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Festival 2022

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Are you ready

for this life changing Festival? Do you too want to Thrive in life and fulfill your truest needs and desires? Then join me!

Did you too say at the beginning of this year that this would be your year? That after the unprecedented times we have had you are longing to do things differently? Saying that you no longer want to go through life as a discounted version of yourself? And ultimately want to reconnect with your true self so you can fulfill more of your true desires and needs?

If you are reading this, you just might be one of many others where things just didn’t go as initially intended. Your urges for change were met by life and soon you found yourself back to your old ways, doing life the way you have always done it. And the resistance to actually follow through with the goals you had set got so strong that it eventually overpowered any of your truest needs and desires.

And here you are. Maybe a little bit lost, annoyed with yourself for once again not “succeeding”. You may even feel frustrated, deflated and exhausted of the wanting and all the work you put in to end up no where near where you hoped you would be. There is even a part of you that feels even more disconnected with yourself and you wonder if you should just forget about your truest needs and desires and just focus on making it through the day. You realize that you have started to accept your current reality for what it is and feel that you should just stop making a fuss. This is it, this is the best it will ever be for me…. You want to forget about the “New year, better/truer me better/truer life”

It does not have to be that way!

I want to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

It is not too late, far from it! 

This year can still be your year and you most definitely can have the transformations you desire to live a life in fulfillment of your truest needs and desires.

Come to the festival on December 23rd and let me show you how all these years you were taught wrong. 

I will share with you the true mechanics of transformation in a way that will make it almost impossible for you to not succeed in finding that what you are seeking. 

I will share with you my 4 Seasons of Growth Method (4SOGM), a process I have created that in a loving, compassionate and effective way will guide and support you through the transformation you so deeply desire.

Don’t give up on your truest needs and desires! I can help!

Just join me the December 23rd Live on Zoom and I will show you how! Let’s make this transformation a festivity of a lifetime.

Hey, I’m


And I am a Certified Life Coach and Transformational Embodiment Coach. Life for me has been one big turbulent and yet beautiful adventure. For the longest time I was going through life in constant survival mode. Creating a life out of fear and eventually waking up to a life that was not true to me. There was such a disconnect to the life I was living and the life I desired. On top of that there was a huge disconnect between all the things I was doing and who I truly was.

I decided that things had to change.

Choose you!

I turned my life upside down and started rebuilding from the ground up.

Leaving people and environments that no longer served me. Leaving a stable high paying career to pursue a life of more freedom and fulfillment.

Today I can honestly say that I am no longer just going through life, or just doing life.

I am Thriving!

Moving with the challenges in life and creating that which I desire to experience.

Every single day.

I believe we all deserve to live a life that serves our truest and highest self. And I believe that I am here to help as many people I can in as many ways possible to show them the way to their truest and highest selves.

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