Winter in Spring

Just when you think you are full on in your Spring season, you hit a patch of true winter. Cold, dark, unpredictable and stormy with a hint of snow.

As we, in a lot of cases, have learned to live and thrive in different weather conditions, adapting those qualities for the different seasons in your life can be the difference between thriving or surviving.

Learning to do so is a process of experience, healing and growth.

Even after all those decades of doing the work, I am still learning to choose and implement constructive tools and practices when that darkness hits. Making sure that I am equipped with the right attire. And that I remember that even though there is pain, the days after the darkness will be brighter once again.

Days will be brighter once again

In true Dutch April weather fashion, after an amazing period of warmth and sun, fooling us Spring was in full force, we are gifted with some snow.

Happy April fools to you all.

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