My first meal of the day on the daily…


There is nothing wrong with eating the same thing on a (very) regular basis.

? Given that it is actually something you like and is good for you from head to toe – inside and out.

? Eating the same thing can have many benefits in fact!

?? It works for you

? No hassle figuring out what to eat

?? Makes shopping easy

? Saves a lot of time

?? You can stay consistent in eating the right things for your desired lifestyle

? With a good foundation, experimenting gets more fun

?? You get to feel good every day

This is my winning team for my first meal of the day atm.

? Oat porridge with water, frozen blueberries, crunchy almond butter and pure vanilla powder

Without the toppings

? Fresh mango, strawberries, hempseeds, dried mulberries& cacao nibs

?? Decaf (on the hunt for coffee subs!) caramel+vanilla oatmilk macchiato

?? What is your winning team meal?

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