Isn’t she beautiful?

I love me some tropical fruits and mango is definitely one of my favorites, maybe even my number 1!


I was Blessed to be born in Zimbabwe and the most amazing tropical fruits just grew in your garden. Whenever you fancied, you could just walk up to a tree, bush or whatever your fruit was growing on, pluck it and eat it on the spot. Sometimes even skin and all!!!

Now that I live in The Netherlands, I do not have that luxury. Yet the most friction I have is with the quality of the fruit I am able to buy in stores. It never tastes as good as it did at home ?.

That being said…I am not a quitter by nature, so I keep giving them a chance! Keep on buying and hoping for the best?.

I am very pleased to say that this one tasted amazing! Not as good as Ambuya’s, but good enough to make my soul sing.

? Where do you get your mangoes from? Any tips on storing/ripening them at home?

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