Good Morning Blessed! I am so excited and feel Blessed to share this with you. My very first Podcast interview on the Entrepreneurial Success Podcast by Henriette Danel.

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How often do you hear someone talking about mental illness or mental health?

Are you maybe going through something similar or know of someone who’s struggling with their mental health?

Today’s podcast episode is very special.

I do feel that we don’t talk enough about mental illness & health, which is why people tend to steer away from it, maybe because they don’t understand it.

But what if there’s more awareness of it in the world, which means that we can then help more people, right?

I’m so honored to introduce you to Kaley Chaibva.

Kaley was born in Zimbabwe and now lives in the Netherlands. She’s been on an incredible journey, struggling to understand mental health and as she goes through it, she’s become this extraordinary woman, who shines and never stops smiling.

So, in today’s episode we’re discussing:

Mental Health & Mindset
Finding that one thing, that lifts you up daily.
The importance & joy of Nutrition for your mental & physical health.
Kaley is sharing the honest truth with you today, but I feel that she’s got such an amazing presence, you’d immediately connect with her.

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