Outfit of the Day.

My wardrobe used to consist of the most colorful, loud, unique and maybe even eccentric pieces.

Through my travels around the world I got a kick out of finding bargains and unique pieces that would stand out more from what I saw others where wearing.

A few years back as I intensified my healing and growth journey, I realized that that color rich closet I had, no longer aligned with how I wanted to express myself.

Because that is what it is for me. The way I dress, is a way of expressing myself.

And so a few years back I did a complete overhaul of my wardrobe. I found myself muting it down to a more neutral and muted color palette. Where I barely had any black, I now wear loads. Same for white and tan/nude/browns as in this picture.

My outfits are translating my thoughts, feelings and general mood on the inside.

When my outfits use to be loud, more colorful, I now see it that there was so much going on that I did not know how to mute it all down. And that showed in the way I expressed myself.

Now that I have healed and grown so much. It is much calmer in all layers of my being. My spirit, head, energy, emotions and body. And so my wardrobe now says that.

I still love color and uniqueness. And I definitely still wear it. It has just become more occasional wear for when I truly want to be unapologetically loud, color rich and eccentric.


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