When you look within…

Reading this blog post might just save you a lot of frustration. Making you feel like you just don’t get it, that your hard work is in vain…or even get you to the point where you want to give up.

I know that for me, before learning what I am about to share, I was in all of the above. And I know from working with others, they too experience the same feelings.

We all know that just by reading something (once), hearing it or even learning it, doesn’t mean you know it. In order to integrate a new thought pattern or behavior in your life, you must do that by repetition. Learning it over and over again, until it becomes your new normal.

And sometimes it takes just 1 person to word that same knowledge just a little different, for you to get it and make an instant shift.

That is exactly what happened to me.

My tv-mom, all time favorite teacher Ms Iyanla Vanzant was sharing her wisdom during an interview. As she shared that there is a difference between your healing and growth journey, I, just like the interviewer had an “aha-moment”. It was so profound it literally lifted a massive weight off my shoulders.

Weight of shame, guilt, defeat, unworthiness and self judgement.

As she described: when in healing you work on releasing, lifting hurt in the past. When growing, you are actively building new ways of being.

So when you sometimes feels like you are not getting anywhere, or that new way of being just won’t stick. It just might be that there is a layer underneath that still needs healing before you move on.

See it like this: a faulty foundation will never build a solid home, no matter how strong that house seems to be, with the smallest storm or earthquake it will tumble and fall.

So whenever you find yourself in a place where you feel like you did everything you could and still you are not moving forward, dig deeper, investigate the underlying cause. Get to the root. And I bet you, you just might find a part in you that needs some healing.

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