Lets talk about sex!

I know, if you have been reading my blog, this may seem some what off topic/off brand. Certainly my recent content has been all about personal development, healing and how to be and stay aligned with your true self, your values and your desires and how I go about it on my journey to being the truest and highest expression of myself. Back in the day I did touch on this subject when I wrote about this guy I was seeing and how he made me feel in Just a Random Fuck. I was so in my intimate feelings that I had to write about it. As you know, writing for me is a powerful process of dealing with any thoughts and emotions. Writing it all down, without any judgement helps me get it out of me and air it out. So yes, years later, we are back airing out my thoughts and feelings on this subject. And hear me out, I honestly believe that sex and true intimacy too has everything to do with all that I have been recently writing about.

Listen, why sex&intimacy? Well, why not? I mean some treat it as some overly taboo, never to even openly mention (please know that I respect any and everybody and their reasons and views in this subject. And I mean no harm or judgement to anyone who might feel different and even offended). While we are hit with it every single day through what we see on our screens, what we hear through our speakers, read in our books, hell, every time we look at another being we are presented with the evidence that sex&intimacy is all around us, as we ourselves are the product of it. And yet I feel that because we do not talk about it, it becomes some scary or maybe even nervous laughable subject that you just don’t discuss. I can understand that one might be somewhat apprehensive to discuss their intimate adventures with the cashier at their local grocery store, but some refrain from talking to their closest friend about it. And then some don’t even feel comfortable enough to engage in a conversation about sex&true intimacy with the one they are intimate with.

And that right there intrigues me. That wants me to dig deeper and explore what it is that might be holding that said person back. And here I come back to my coaching and the whole healing and personal development and being aligned with your truest and highest self.

Having sex is one of the most intimate moments one can experience. Alone or with someone else. Being intimate on that level challenges you to trust, let go, be vulnerable, set boundaries, surrender, voice your needs and desires and be open to the unknown. And if we take it a step further, when you want to keep things fun and spicy when you have been together for a while, taking the time to grow together and be in constant communication to learn about each other and elevate your experiences is important. See where I am going with this? Today it dawned on me that in life, on a day to day basis one is challenged with the same things. And if you are not able to do any of those things in your day to day or between the sheets…when in those two different situations do you fully show up as your self. When in those moments are you being fully unapologetic and daring it all? Wouldn’t it be a shame if you held back in any area, because of whatever fear you have or whatever unhealed part takes over from your past?

Wouldn’t it be super beneficial and healthy and so much fun if you could confide in at least your sexual partner about what it is that you want and need? To expand your awareness on how fully you dare to experience yourself and whatever intimate act you are in? Or as I have been doing, talking to my intimacy coach as I had some healing to do from my past. You can read about my reason for healing in The Root of my Hurt.

Wow, yes, I just talked about sex. On this beautiful November 1st on a Monday morning. What do you think? Was it too much?

Have a Blessed week y’all!

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