Hear me out. We are born, pure, whole, sincere and thriving on the basic needs of love, warmth, comfort, safety and survival needs like air, food and water. As we grow older, and have more experiences, more and more is added as a layer to that first basic essence of who we are.

And then we hit this point where we start to wonder, what it actually is that we are doing and want out of life. You may wonder, what do I need to deepen my experience of my life. What do I need to experience more joy, fulfillment, ease, freedom and being unapologetically myself?

You dive into adding more and more. Courses, degrees, ways of being, relationships, careers, social status, or aspects even as small as a specific wardrobe. All so you can feel, be and do more you.

And here it comes…After years of adding out of choice or through parents, teachers, whomever influenced me, I have come to realize that I have been doing it backwards.

In essence I already have and am all that I need to go to the highest highs. There is no place, thing or being that can do that for me. I can do that all by myself. And in order to get there…I need to eliminate all that no longer serves me.

Eliminate, people, places, things, thought patterns, beliefs, all, that is not aligned with the truest and highest expression of me.

It is that simple….let it all go!

Are you ready to start eliminating?

What are your thoughts? Is life really in essence a process of elimination?

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