You know, for the longest time I thought I didn’t understand life. I thought that I was not equipped to fully live out this life time.
And at a certain point I no longer wanted to.

I was suffering from past traumas and hurt. I led myself to believe that my inner guidance was broken. And as a result I took almost everyones advice as gospel.

I was living a life that in “social standards” was good or even great. I had an exciting job, great house, caring people around me, opportunities to travel around the world and so much more.

Yet I still felt like I was missing the true essence of living.

And in this whole picture, I was missing myself.

What literally saved me was learning about how we humans actually operate and that it was safe for me to use and listen to my own inner guidance.

With many beautiful embodiment practices I learned to reconnect with myself and trust my own needs and desires. And give myself permission to make sure that they were met.

I am here to live my life. I am here as my own unique expression of the universe. That alone is more than enough reason for me be faithfully create and life the life of my dreams.

So now I feel like I get it. And it is way simpler than I thought it would be.

The place from where I am creating right now is one of love, light, confidence, playfulness, excitement, joy, fulfillment, freedom and gratitude.


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