Tell me, and please be honest with yourself here, how would you feel about yourself and your life in lets say a year, 2 years or 5 years from now given the path that you are on. 

Would you be looking back and saying to yourself: wow I really went all out and created this amazing life for myself. Or would you be in a place of complacency where you rolled with the punches and made the best of whatever was thrown at you?

There is a difference between living a life by default and letting most, if not every thing in your life come up to chance OR actively creating and living the life you truly desire and know you deserve! 

The biggest misconception is that most think that living the life you desire is all about these big things, maybe even enormous fame and fortune. And it is not. They can be nice and fun byproducts, but that is not what it is about. We all know the tragic stories of some of the richest and most famous that ended their own life. 

I cannot speak for anyone other than myself, but I was headed that same direction. I had good money coming in, traveling the world, lovely big house with a big garden, in Amsterdam! Loving people around me, and still…something just did not feel right. My life did not feel right and I did not feel right. What I was missing was fulfillment, a reason to make me excited for the day, a reason to push me out of my comfort zone. With therapy, coaches and a lot of (self) studying, I realized that I needed to change. In order for my outside world to change, I needed to change my inside world. 

With knowing that I did not want to stay on the trajectory that I was on, and that I indeed had all the power and everything within me that I needed to live a fulfilled life of abundance and prosperity, I decided to dream big! Bigger than I have ever dreamed of dreaming. And with just that notion that I could dream big, and that I could work on my dreams and attract them, I had a reason that got me doing things I never thought I would (be able to) do, all because I felt more fulfilled in my day to day and more importantly, I allowed myself to feel good about it. No matter what everyone was saying, no matter their fears or limiting beliefs, I knew that I was doing this for me, because I understood that it was up to me!

The mere fact of all the abundance in the world of good and joyful things, became evidence for me that I too could experience all the good the Universe has to offer. And that I did not have to settle just because I was living an “ok” life, or because of fears and limiting beliefs from myself and others. 

So let me ask you again, yet in a different way: “How fulfilled are you with yourself, your life and your every day? If this was your last day here in this lifetime, would you have spend the day the same or differently?”

April 29, 30 and May 1st I will be hosting a Free Live Challenge especially for you! 

Be the woman you need

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After the 3 days you will have expanded your awareness on where you were headed and where you truly desire to go. You will also learn about the stories you tell yourself and how they impact you and your life. And you will be able to create actionable first steps to you being the woman you need to be for the life you desire and know you deserve!

What are you waiting for?

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