…how I have dropped the ball on my POWER! It is all part of the journey, but what a difference does time make. Where last year I was full on tackling every challenged I created. Crushing them with full dedication, love, motivation and will power. This almost first half of 2017 I totally lost the reason, the price,

…new challenge: back to at least 90% veganism, concentrate on all that I already have accomplished, not on all that I think I should be or have. My fears, thoughts and believes are based on negativity and not on growth. As I wish to grow I will now work hard on incorparating the things I know make me happy on a daily basis. This is cooking, regular exercise, creativism. No longer will I hide behind my past thinking and believes. Cause I know I am destined for greatness! Need to acknowledge that it does take time, effort, hard work. But the pay is so much more rewarding than not doing it. The Pay is much more Rewarding Than Not doing the Work!!! You are Worthy, You have The Power, You are Beautiful, Smart, Funny, Fierce…I love You

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