For the longest of times I thought I was here, on earth to pursue things, a certain level of achievement, status if you will. 

Get good grades, pass that test, get your degree, find that best paying job, start a career, climb that ladder, buy that house you can grow in, get that fancy car, find that life partner, have a family….

But just now, in this very moment as I am getting myself ready to rest for the night after a fulfilling day, I realize that my driving force was from an angle that was draining me, slowly sucking out that very precious and joyful life force out of me. 

Don’t get me wrong, some of those things are still on my list of enjoyable things and to a certain extent those goals did get me to where I am now. But in order for me and my life to really make sense, in order for me to truly grow from within, I need to do a 180°!

The Pursuit should be about those little moments of joy. Those loud moments of uncontrolled laughter, those heartbreaking experiences, the release of pain, the throbbing numbness of hurt and those blissful divine waves of love. 

I want that, that is what truly makes me feel alive!

It is like enjoying the raindrops massaging your cheeks, the wind making your hair fly, the sun kissing your fingertips, the piercing cold tingling your skin….Being one with all and everything around you.

Not about owning a house in the hottest upcoming neighborhood, or that high paying job with a future, not about that life partner at my side…

These things will naturally come when I focus on allowing myself to be joyful, vulnerable, hurt, excited, grateful, free, loving and aware.

I don’t have to be anything or have anything external to be a full life experiencing someone.

I am Blessed As I Am

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