Kaley Chaibva

Thrive Coach transforming you from survivor to Thriver.
Guiding you to self reliance with confidence, self-trust and excitement.

With gratitude I use a treasure chest of my own personal history of intense growth work and transformation. I have been through several traumatic and challenging times in my life as well as decades of deep inner work. This through counseling, psychotherapy, training, coaching and life itself. A combination that makes me unique and highly capable of coaching you with dedication and authenticity.

My joy in this work is to see you shine as the bright light that you are! Always meeting you where you are and expanding your awareness from there and beyond.
There is always a way. From a young age I was always described as being optimistic, solution focused and not one to give up easily. Qualities that have enriched my private and professional life tremendously.


I have learned that you should not go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.
– Maya Angelou –

For a good 17 years I was a flight attendant for KLM. In 2021 I decided to leave my job as a Purser (chief flight attendant). After nearly two decades of flying around the world, visiting the most amazing and unexpected places, I felt it was time to live a different life, to experience new things. I longed for more freedom, more fulfillment, more autonomy and in a way more structure. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. Ask anyone in the airline industry, it is not a job, it is a lifestyle.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful years I had up in the skies and foreign places. Learning special skills, meeting new people, eating delicious foods, living out of my suitcase and being jet lagged. I appreciate it all. It all adds to the enrichment of my life and me as a person.

Fun Facts:

  • I was born in Zimbabwe
  • I have several sailing certificates
  • I know how to both ski and snowboard (I prefer the latter)
  • I love anything with words: reading, listening, talking & writing
  • I am fluent in English and Dutch
  • I also speak French
  • I am naturally curious with a desire to keep learning
  • I used to be a tourist for a living
  • I love to cook
  • I am very sensitive for injustice
  • I am kind of afraid of creepy crawlies
  • I have a subscription to the movie theatre
  • I am an Advanced Open Water Diver
  • I may not be very tall, yet I have big dreams for myself and the collective
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