When in doubt…

“When in doubt walk towards light”

– BlessedAsIAm –


So often people stay in situations, versions of themselves and lives that no longer serve them longer than necessary. This because they don’t know (or don’t dare to think of) all that is out there and possible for them.


Not knowing what you want for yourself and your life can keep you stuck. You might think: “As long as I am not sure of what I want, I will just wait until what I want comes to me”.

That is not really how it works, is it? Just think about how long you have been waiting for that “knowing” to come to you? And just imagine how much more of this same unfulfilling situation, version of yourself or your life you will have to endure before change comes?


Figuring out what you actually want can be challenging and also so much fun!

One way to get started: When you know what you don’t want, write down the opposite. Do this for any situation, feeling, habit…etc. Be playful, dream big and tap into your wildest dreams.
From each of the items you wrote down, start visualizing yourself feeling the feelings, acting out the habits.
Formulate 1 small action step that will close the gap from where you are now to how&where you want to be.
Take that first step!
And then the next. And the next. And the next.
Soon you will find yourself standing in Light.


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A forty years young African woman. Being the truest and highest expression of self is my daily goal.

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