You really don’t…

Gentle Reminder


I know what it is like. You try to figure things out by yourself.

Maybe you think it is an act of strength or maybe you do not want to bother anyone. Or maybe you just do not know how to ask for help or you lost faith that anyone could ever understand you enough to truly help you.

I want you to know that the way things are now, it doesn’t have to be that way. And that help is out there. And that you asking for help and accepting it is actually an act of strength and self love.


And right now you have the amazing opportunity to book a session with me or one of the other talented coaches for just £25 during the 2021 Coachathon on November 17th!


By doing so you are not only helping yourself, all the proceeds will be going to @microloanfoundation who support women in sub Sahara Africa start their own businesses and work their way out of poverty.

?? Go to: and book your session now.

To choose me as your coach type in my name Kaley Chaibva in the search bar.


I look forward to give you that helping hand.



A forty years young African woman. Being the truest and highest expression of self is my daily goal.

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