My sincere apologies

💜 I want to apologize to you.

For every time you got tricked into believing that something was wrong with you when you were not able to get the results that quick fix promised. When that changed behavior, thought pattern, emotional response didn’t last.

✨ Giving your all into trying out that new best hack. And eventually not getting that success they promised, leaving you frustrated and doubting yourself and your abilities. It is not your fault. Believe me, I’ve been there.

💜 And yes, the truth is nothing will work unless you do. And yes, there are ways to move with more ease and enjoy your journey more. Still, that too asks for practice and time.

✨ What I personally learned that does make all the difference: find what works for you and your life. Don’t focus on the promised easiest or fastest way, they usually take the longest. Go for what you need. Find the right support to help you get where you want to go.

💜 It was never your fault, you just haven’t learned the right way that works for you yet.

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