No one going to save you…


That is what some people say. In a way that is so true. Whenever you are seeking change, healing and/or transformation, you are the one that needs to make the decision for yourself, by yourself and for you!
Same goes for the actual action steps.

That being said, seeking, asking and accepting a helping hand is something we all need at some point, one way or the other.

May it be in having a support system, a therapist, a coach, teacher, mentor, all can play a key part in your journey.

Have you ever had help in your growth journey? What did that look like and how was that experience?


A forty years young African woman. Being the truest and highest expression of self is my daily goal.

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  1. nirajshah2003

    This is so true, at the end of the day only we can make the decisions that will help us! Thanks for sharing!

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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