How truly Blue are you Monday?

Don’t believe the hype.

Today is known as #bluemonday for many.

Not too long ago (2005) Dr. Cliff Arnall (UK) came to the conclusion that this Monday, 3rd Monday of January, was the hardest in terms of finances, bad weather, long nights and overall aftermath of the festive period. These and other factors were supposed to make this day the saddest. He even created a formula that determined that.

Although it may be for some and surely according to the dear Dr.. He however intended to inspire people to take action and turn things around, instead the general public took it as a day to remember as the most depressing day of the year.

And so it is still up to you to buy into it and live by it. You can choose to celebrate this Monday because it is another Monday where you were Blessed to open your eyes this morning. Another day where you get to decide how you show up in the world. Another day, another gift to love yourself deeper and spread it all around you.

Just because somebody determines something, does not mean it applies to all and always.

On that note, how are you feeling today?

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