Keeping it Real

Hello Blessed

Just keeping it real. Tell me do you ever feel like this?

At times I feel a little weird for not posting anything or being active on social media in any way. And I strongly dislike that feeling that veers a little to feeling guilty for not being visible online. On top of that, when I am not feeling it, posting something or being active online just for the sake of it just doesn’t do it for me.

However, I am working on building a platform here and working on fulfilling my goals&visions. So in that respect, one would think that, even though the going gets tough….the tough get going. And thus “not feeling 💯” should never be an issue.

Yet on the other hand, when I do not feel like being social IRL, I will not force myself into any social activity. And this thing right here is called Social Media for a reason.

So yeah….I basically would benefit from some type of strategy here. Because I know that in whatever you are trying to accomplish, consistency is key!

How do you do that? I would love to know if any of this resonates with you. And if so, how do you deal with those challenges?


A forty years young African woman. Being the truest and highest expression of self is my daily goal.

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