Blessed As I Am for all the lessons I may receive

Blessed for all the pain I learned to live with

Blessed for the ever growing light inside me

Blessed for all the love I receive and give

Blessed for my body mind and soul

Blessed As I Am

Blessed As I Am

The Time Is Now!


Am I going to do it…YES I AM

Why am I doing it…Because I CAN!

This will be my way of motivating, inspiring and challenging myself by cultivating my creativity. As I want to break the cycle of crawling into my shell, feeling down and left with no energy or will to fully experience life, I need to push myself in finding a way to keep myself going. Making full use of my potential. I know that once I get my ass off that couch and actually do something, I feel so good about myself, I feel energized and feel as if I can do and be whatever and whoever I want to be. BE THE BEST ME.

And I am talking about the littlest things as paying bills, doing the dishes, getting my bike fixed and sometimes at my lowest points, actually getting dressed…I have no shame in my path. I am single, a proud African born, a tourist for a living and a woman with quite a past. Made and still am making my fare share of mistakes and less smart choices.

Blessed as I am, being above 30…loving every single one of the lessons I am offered to learn and count as my wins.

So here is what I am going to do:

I am going to START!

Explore my creativity in writing, designing, sewing, any form that I desire to express myself at any given time. See where my strengths and “to-grow-points” are. Hoping that I can inspire and motivate myself in being better and doing better, learning and growing. Sharing my path with whomever feels like joining me and who knows…maybe inspire you to be the best YOU!

My idea…Every 2 months come up with something that is totally created and crafted by yours truly. It will be a surprise every time, even for me. I will share where I am on my path, my mood, keeping in mind what goes on around me. Motivating myself , kicking myself off that damned couch is my first goal, my first priority!

This is my journey, my view, my pain, my struggle, my laughs, my cries. My highs and my lesser highs. My WINS. As I know that even though it might not seem that way, every experience that I may live through is me winning as I am ever learning!

I hope my journey is inspiring enough to check upon every once in a while. Little by little you’ll get a view in my life and of course the main event, the reveal of the project! Don’t worry, this will be the longest article that I will write. Need to keep you and myself interested!

See you soon

Rock Bottom

Wow…have I hit that place many times in my life. Not always the same bottom or even the same depth, but every once in a while this bottom appeared as a long lost friend. One I’d rather not see nor wish for. But as I have learned, one that seemed quite effective in my journey. As they say, once you hit Rock Bottom, the only way to go is up…well, that is easier said than done. At times I felt as if there was no where to go, not forward, backward, nor down, let alone up!

When you are used to visit those low points, they become familiar, maybe even comfortable. Not in a good way though. The will to get yourself up and going again doesn’t feel as appealing as that miserable dark hole that you’ve made your home. Why bother? Not really hurting anyone. Just yourself and in a sad way you even feel sorry for yourself. And even enjoying that sad horrible feeling, cause you think that is what you deserve…

After the whole first period in your new home and even having held a housewarming party, you start to wonder if this suffocating yourself in darkness is really the way to go. It didn’t really serve anything positive or productive. The desire to challenge yourself in doing better and knowing better arises. That so called old friend Rock Bottom needs to be kicked to the curb! Like a true Phoenix you arise and tackle whatever issue that reunited you with Rock Bottom. When solved it can be noted as a lesson learned.

No shame here, we will meet again buddy. Might be less intense but with every encounter a reward is given after we part. Another lesson learned and insight in my inner strength is given. This keeps me going and less and less feared for meeting again…