Transformational Embodiment Coaching
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Get out of the survival mode and start Thriving!

We live in a time where toxic-productivity, toxic-positivity, global uncertainty and fear is a real thing. On top of that unsolicited advice about how you should live your life has become more challenging to ignore and discern. Now more than ever it is so important to find your way back to your true self. Learn how to shut out the outside noise by reconnecting with yourself and transforming from the inside out. Stepping out of your survival mode and being a Thriver. This so you can create and live a more embodied life. And continue to live a life based on your own core values, desires and needs. No matter what the outside world looks like.

Your whole life you have been a hard worker, going from goal to goal. Reaching and achieving more and higher. You have tried all sorts of techniques and methods. Taking advice from those who you thought knew best. Yet nothing seems to really work, let alone stick. Working hard is not strange to you. However, for quite some time now you have been feeling exhausted. Questioning if all the effort you have been putting in is worth it. Most of the times you are surviving at best. You feel stuck and rather lost. “Is this really how my life is supposed to be?” is the question you ask yourself more than you would like to admit. You have started doubting yourself. You are wondering if you are suffering from what they call ‘expectation hangover’, it all just didn’t work out the way you thought it would. Where you used to hide behind your hard work and achievements, you now no longer can ignore the disconnect. After years of operating in survival mode, what you did so masterfully, you did manage to create a decent life, but you are tired.

Is this how you want to continue to live your life, surviving?

Do you want to:

  • Take back your power
  • Feel and be in charge of your life
  • Feel confident and resilient, even when faced with challenges
  • Know how to fill your own cup first without feeling selfish
  • Have more self esteem and a sense of safety
  • Feel confident and secure in your own body
  • Set boundaries and stick by them
  • Unapologetically speak up for yourself
  • Voice your needs and have them met
  • Feel free in asking for what you want
  • Get clear on your desires and effectively actualize them
  • Trust yourself to do what serves you best
  • Rely on yourself
  • To Thrive?

Picture yourself waking up in the morning. You feel confident and even excited. You have woken up with a clear direction and you are ready to experience the day with intention. You feel connected with all parts of yourself. Your spirit, mind, emotions, body and energy. There is a knowing within you that gives you the confidence to face the day. As you now know that whatever you will face, you know how to work though it and with it. The times of fully losing yourself in survival mode are over. You know that the connection with yourself is solidified. You are resilient and with conviction you can say that you are Thriving.

Work with me

1:1 coaching

With the 1:1 coaching I coach you over a minimum period of 12 weeks. The coaching sessions are done on Zoom or in person. Depending on what you want and need, you will have access to Masterclasses to deepen and support your transformation. You also get the opportunity to book additional 1:1 time through Voxer where you can get extra support through text or voice messaging.

This coaching offers you maximum support and guidance. I coach in English and Dutch.


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Online Academy -The 4 Seasons of Growth Method (The 4SOGM)

The 4SOGM is a program designed to give you clarity on where you are in life and where you want to go. It is an online course where you are in charge of your own progress. Life comes with its challenges, that is a given. That you can move through and with them is what this program will teach you. You will learn how to Thrive.

At the end you will:

  • Know exactly where you are in life.
  • Have created a vision of your compelling future
  • Understand what you need to be who you want to be
  • Learn to trust your inner voice more so you can show up more authentically and unapologetically.

Once mastered, this program is set up so you can continue to Thrive and live the way that feels most true to you.


Launch November 2022.

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As an experience expert I know that I have a story to share. With coaching all my focus and attention is towards my client. Speaking gives me the opportunity to open up about where I came from and how that gives me an unique view on trauma, healing, personal, emotional and spiritual growth. My aim is to challenge the current stigmas and give a raw perspective.

I do both online and in person appearances. For booking contact me directly here.

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Hey, I’m


I am a certified Transformational Embodiment Coach ICF and experience expert. My aim is to help you out of survival mode so you can Thrive. I know what it is like to wake up to a life that feels unfulfilling, numbing, draining  and confusing. I know that living in survival mode and out of fear will disconnect you with who you truly are. And as a result have you create a life that is not true to yourself.

In Transformational Embodiment we believe that true transformation is not just a matter of the mind. For lasting change all 5 layers of your being need to be taken into account. Your spirit, mind, emotions, body and energy.

I believe that I am here to help others. I teach you tools and work with you on how you can make them work for you to Thrive in life. While keeping an open and curious mind I also share all that I have learned.

No matter what hardships I face, there always is a moment where I know that I Am Blessed, just the way I am. And so are you.

Being part of my clients transformation is humbling. And I feel honored to be in the position to experience joy, fulfillment, excitement and bliss by helping others.

What my clients have to say

“I chose you as my coach because you radiate kindness and strength. And you know how to see me and guide me where I am.”


Online Coaching

“I always felt very heard and safe. You were such a great coach, always finding was to help me shift my perspective.”


Online Coaching

“I am starting to understand how everything is connected and holistic in that sense. That which was standing between me and myself is exactly that. And I am so happy that you are part of this journey.”


Online Coaching